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Zeek Rewards Refunds: How to Get Them

Zeek Rewards Refunds are a possibility.

Randy Corn has a decent site which gives a whole bunch of ways to possibly get your money back. Here is his site:

If possible, no promises, go to your bank and see if the check has been cashed. If it has not, try to stop the check. If you can stop the check you are fine. It’s probably not a good idea to tell the bank that the company was closed by the SEC and all funds have been frozen. But of course that is up to you. Rumor says that some checks up to 90 days old have not been checked. Don’t know if it is true.

here is an email I got from Frank M. who went to the bank. Here is what happened:

Just came back from Wells Fargo, and here is the story on the banks.  The only way you can possibly get any money back is if your check has not been cashed.  Period.  While it is true that the time period can sometimes be extended beyond the 90 days under the right circumstances [as you discussed], once an account is placed in receivership nobody but the Receiver can take any money out for any reason, so “reversing charges” or things of that nature are totally out of the question.

Now, there are also a few lawyers out there who will represent you to help you get your money out of receivership once it is released. Sometimes you get money back quicker, but the lawyer will take a cut. (lawyers don’t work for free). Kevin Thompson is one of the better ones. Here is his link:

Also, if you paid your monthly subscription with a credit card. Most credit card companies will give you up to three months back. It is a good idea to bring a copy of this article with you to show to them so they see there is an alleged fraud involved. Here is that link!:

As much as it saddens me, I think that Zeek is dead. Paul Burke had to hand over 4 million dollars and ownership of Zeek in it’s entirety including Rex Ventures. He won’t even have the money to defend himself. And if he loses the case, he will be looking at jail time. And don’t for one minute be so nieve as to think that everyone who loses a case is guilty.

It seems pretty obvious that they were after him.

What about due process? What about innocent until proven guilty? Well, I guess that was when I was a kid. Seems like things are changing now. To much darn govenment!

Your friend in grief, Dr. Bob


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