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How to Find the Best High Yield Investment Programs, Profitable Sunrise Scam or Real, We Are In It?

We promised you in the last article that we would tell you how to find the best high yield investment programs that we have researched. We also promised that we would let you know which programs that we are in and how to get the best education on how to use them to your most profitable advantage. Many people have asked us if Profitable Sunrise is a scam or is it real

We researched the company for at least a month and here is what we found. Profitable sunrise is a company owned by Roman Novak that whose business is to give extremely high interest rate short term bridge loans mainly for the purpose of real estate investment. For instance, lets say you want to buy a piece of real estate for the purpose of “flipping it”. Flipping a piece of real estate means that you buy a home with a seller already there. You buy the home and on the same day that you buy it, or shortly after that, you sell it.

I have used a service like this myself in the past. I was going to buy a home for $100,000.00. It was a forclosure worth almost $250,000.00. Before buying it I had showed it to a potential buyer and we had agree that he would buy it from me for $200,000.00. The problem was I didn’t have the $100,000.00 to buy it in the first place. I went to a bridge loan company like Profitable Sunrise and borrowed the $100,000.00 for ten days at 3.5%. I guaranteed the loan with the property. I sold the property on the same day that I bought it from the original owner. I paid the bridge loan company $35,000.00 for the loan and profited $65,000.00 on the sale. It was an extreme amount of interest, but I wouldn’t have made the $65,000.00 without it. I was a very happy camper.

Profitable sunrise is a bridge loan company that gives loans just like this. When looking for how to find the best high yield investment programs you have to be very careful as to how they make their money, or you can easily be scammed. Profitable sunrise appears not to be a scam. It appears to be real.

Now remember, we are not bankers or investment counsellors so please do your own research as well.

Normally they finance their loans by taking in wealthy investors who put up no less than $200,000.00 each and for their money they recieve a very high rate of daily interest. The investors recieve as much as 2.15% per day which Profitable Sunrise can easily give them because they are charging much more than that amount for the loans that they give out.

Profitable Sunrise normally does not do business with the small investors. Profitable Sunrise was approached by a Church named FocusUp Ministries. They asked ProSun if they would be willing to allow them to invest with them for the high interest they were giving if they could come up with a large volume of investors each putting up relatively small amounts of money from each person but the group amount would meet and exceed their normal minimum.

Profitable Sunrise (a hard money lender for ten years) was a company whose founders also had deep religious beliefs agreed to the proposal put up by FocusUp Ministries. which is owned by the writers Dr. Bob and Hanna decided after doing as much research as possible to invest a small amount of money after some of their best friends and business partners had already recieved money from their investments in Profitable Sunrise. When looking for information on how to find the best high yield investment programs the internet has a habit of labeling everything good as to good to be true, so we concentrated on looking for complaints of people not being paid, and we could find NONE.

We have been in the program for a few weeks now and have sponsored some other people in as well. Profitable Sunrise pays you 5% of the initial deposit of people you bring in as well as 5% of what they recieve on their daily interest rate. The daily money you recieve comes from ProSun, not from the individual investor. The also give you 2% on the people they sponsor and 1% on the people they sponsor. In other words, you get paid three levels deep on people you bring in to the program.

An deposit of $10.00 will net you about $175.00 after maturity. To reach maturity you must keep the money in for 170 business days. $100.00 will net you about $1750.00 and $1000.00 will net you almost $17,500.00. This is a HUGE amount of money, but remember they are charging a huge amount of money for the loans that they give out. They have almost an endless amount of people applying for loans but they do reserve the right to turn off the interest if they have no loans at the moment to give out if I understand this correctly. This is fine with us as we do not expect them to pull money out of thin air if they have no loans pulling in money. This will not affect your initial deposit though as it is always there.

That is it in a nutshell. We went in with $300.00 and sponsored some people and our money is now up to $870.35 in under a month.

They give you the option of taking your interest money out every day from the day your deposit is posted but then you will not receive the compounding effect, or you can leave the interest in each day and remove your money in total at the end of the 170 day business cycle. If your interest money out on a daily basis, we would get back $1396.00 for our initial deposit of $300.00. If on the other hand we leave the interest in to compound, we get back just over $11,000.00.

Profitable Sunrise in our estimation is no Scam. It is a real viable business and you can make some excellent money in it. We are at their “Chairman Level” and as such we can converse directly with the founders of FocusUp Ministries which gives us a distinct advantage as we find out everything that goes on within the company first and we have a direct line to the people in charge.

If you need more information on Profitable Sunrise, feel free to either write us or call us. I will also send you a copy of their power point which will give you all the details that I might have left out. If you write us about this, please put Profitable Sunrise in the subject box.

If you choose to deposit money with Profitable Sunrise, we would encourage you to give a small amount of your profits (this is not a requirement) to FocusUp Ministries, the people who make it possible for you to be in the program at all.

Please note: In our interactive Vampire Training Room (we work all night so you don’t have to. It’s 1:00 AM now), we give daily lessons on this and other Network/Multi-Level Marketing Subjects and you can ask us anything that you want about Profitable Sunrise and any other subject that you would like. We will teach you ways to maximize your profits and minimize your risks on this and other programs.


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If you have any questions, feel free to write or call and don’t forget to leave a comment here to let us know if this has helped you. That is our goal.

 On the wings of an eagle,
We are,
Dr. Bob and Hanna

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