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Double Up Dollars Scam or Real?

Lately, the biggest buzz in the marketing world is whether or not Double Up Dollars is a scam or real.

After examining the company in minute detail, I can tell you for sure that it is no scam. It is 100% legitamate. Lets go through it step by step so we can examine its strong points and its flaws.

Lets start with the marketing plan:

It is a basic Reverse marketing plan that has been around for at least 50 years and maybe more. It is solid and it works. It is very similar to the marketing plan that is used by the Empower Network but it has several key points in it that make it more attractive and a thousand times easier.

The Product:

It is very smart what they did in their choice of product. Double Up Dollars, to avoid any scam questions took a product, the Online Entrepreneurial Academy which has been around for at least 10 years under a few different names (to suit the market, not to hide, lol). Tuition to this school have been selling for a decade with no marketing plan attached to it for 129.95 a month. So if people are willing to pay for it with no marketing plan attached, there is no question as to it’s real value in the market. In fact, they lowered the price by $4.95 when they attached it to the Double Up Dollars program.  This is important as this is one of the very first things that the goverment checks out; does the company have a product of value or is the product simply an attempt to evade pyramid laws?

The Automatic Recruiting Mechanism (Customer Aquisition Placement Specialists, C.A.P.S.)

This is what seperates the Double Up Dollars Program from anything else out there. The program employs people to recruit for you, so even if you are not a good recruiter, even if you can’t recruit anyone, you can still be successful in this business. It is the most remarkable thing that I have ever seen.

Basically it is a marketing plan in which you will be able to make 10k a month or more without ever sponsoring anyone! The selling does get done. You just outsource it. It is no different than owning a company and employing salesmen. They do most of the work and you get the money!

How cool is that??

Check the program out at: and let me know what you think of it. Feel free to call us at 954-822-6786 if you have any questions.


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